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Unforgettable Big Hair Anthems: The Greatest Big Hair Song of All Time

Updated: Apr 17

Is it...Motley Crüe-"Dr. Feelgood"? Is it...White Lion-"Wait"?

Is it...Bullet Boys-"Smooth Up In Ya"? is it...Dokken-"Burning Like A Flame"?

"The Big Hair Era in it's prime was 1988-1992"


Journey back to the times when the air was thick with hairspray and rock anthems were the soundtrack of our lives. In this podcast episode, we reminisce about the raucous energy of the '80s and '90s, a time when music was loud, and fashion was louder. It's a ride through the golden age of big hair bands, where leather jackets met acid-washed jeans and guitar solos were our anthems.

Our host brings us tales from his youth, highlighting the contrast between bands like Winger and the rugged Chris Robinson. We hear about the transition from the studio's freedom to the reality of being an older father. Our host shares his stories with a refreshing honesty, peppered with humor that only real-life experience can bring. It's a look into the heart of a rocker turned dad, who now faces the comedic challenges of raising young children, and the many misunderstandings that come with mistaken identity and age.

But there's more to this episode than just laughter and nostalgia. There's a profound message for the future we are building for our children. The world they inherit is filled with challenges, but it's our role as parents to instill hope and positivity. We discuss how we must be beacons of light in their lives, promoting love over discord, and how we might learn from the innate wisdom of our kids to create a more united future.

The podcast not only entertains but also educates and inspires. It's a dialogue that crosses generations, combining the wildness of rock 'n' roll with the warmth of fatherly love. Our host delves into personal anecdotes, sharing the trials and tribulations of dad hood, from the chaos of playtime to the frustrations of dealing with 'irritable bastard syndrome' brought on by tangled cables and cords.

Listeners will find themselves both chuckling and contemplating as they're invited into the world of a dad who once lived for guitar riffs and now cherishes the new groove set by his children's milestones. It's a celebration of the past that gives way to an embrace of the present and future—a future where we acknowledge our responsibility to guide the next generation with the hope and courage they need to face the world.

No guest stars are needed in this episode, as the universal themes of life, hope, and rock 'n' roll are enough to connect us all. It's a solo act that strikes a chord with anyone who has lived through the era of big hair and guitar solos or navigated the often hilarious waters of parenting.

So tune in, laugh, reflect, and rock out to an episode that's as heartfelt as it is hair-raising.

About The Author

Tales from backstage – the podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the music world to uncover the hilarious, bizarre, and downright unbelievable stories that happen offstage. Even more incongruous, the transitioned life of the former rock disc jockey and the affectations from a 32 year rock life. It's not pretty. He shares his side-splitting experiences that will have you laughing out loud. Or crying. Or just plain shaking your head.

From a life-long radio disc jockey to being a LILF

A Late-In-Life-Father

Can It be Done?

There are many lingering complications from being a life-long bachelor and living a rock DJ life heading into a "regular Joe" life by adding three children into the mix for a man in his fifties.

Subscribe now or donate which will provide me with an accountability, something I will have to learn raising three young children. And the family dog. Because dogs are people too!

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