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Strange Addictions

Updated: Apr 17

Example: In an extreme form of self-expression, some individuals become addicted to altering their physical appearance through tattoos, piercings, and even surgical procedures.

Hey, it’s tough once you’ve had a good buzz to not want it all the time.

Example: In an extreme form of self-expression, some individuals become addicted to altering their physical appearance through tattoos, piercings, and even surgical procedures.

Let's start with one or two of my own, that come with being old.



It hit me today.

First of all, I was walking for exercise.

Secondly, I was making mental notes about people’s yards.

Thirdly, it occurred to me observing people’s yards, that people who have good yards in the neighborhoods are my friends. If you have a shitty yard and don’t take care of it, you’ll not be my friend.

THAT is old.

It USED to be whomever was funny, or whomever partied like me, or whomever had the best seats that would dictate who my friends were.

NOW it’s whoever has the best yard. Please just bear with me as I age. If you’re still young, it will happen to you eventually, I’m just telling you how it will be. If you’re still young you should look at me as a visionary. When you turn 65 and have to go through the incredibly confounding process of Medicare, you’ll say…

“Hey that Blade, he was right. He’s a prophet!”

There will come a day when you will wake up and look in the mirror and you will say.

“OK I am now officially old.” It doesn’t gradually happen using your face as a reference, it happens overnight. I had two procedures in the last year, double hernia and a brand-new hip. That’s what did it. When I woke up the day after I got home from receiving a sculptured ceramic sphere in my right leg, I took a look at the sutures in my ass and then my face and it became evident to me, that I Iooked like a card-carrying grandfather.

Hey, it’s tough once you’ve had a good buzz to not want it all the time.

Now…the fun part of having the later-in-life-procedures, is the pain-pills.

They gave me ten 10MG hydrocodone mixed with some baby aspirin.

Now that’s messed up. Two a day, for a mere five days they say. Because I’m me, I made it three a day and the last day I made it four, going out with a bang.

I love pain-killers. Some people say, “I don’t like them" and I believe them, my mother was on her death bed dying of cancer and she refused morphine and dilaudid to ease her pain. For the LIFE of me, I do not get that. I’ll take ‘em, sure!

Did you know they’re addicting?

I’ve faced it, I’m addicted to everything. I heard Mad Max say that once.. And back to turning old, I find pulling weeds addicting. Once you start, you can’t stop. Last week I took a quick break after pulling about fifteen Canada Thistle weeds and looked around the yard.

These pop up everywhere after a good rain. Even through beds of my rocks.
Canadian Thistle weeds

Aw man. Only about 19 or 20 weeds left to pull. Gotta shoot a quick text over to my dealer.

Have you ever tried pruning a bougainvillea, a beautiful and extremely thorny flower that thrives in the southwest, like the azaleas do in the southeast? To capture their beauty and to gain the all-important second look or more-than-a-half-second-glimpse, you have to keep them trimmed.

Once you start, you can't stop. To keep the evening out process, you keep trimming until your flowery and eye-catching bougainvillea is down to three stumps a foot off the ground.

You can't stop I tell ya. Another addiction.

Nicotine, Mountain Dew, Budweiser, doughnuts, crime shows, electronic gadgets, Amazon, my yard…however, I am NOT addicted to drinking pigs blood like some Canadian woman I just read about.

Some other addictions people don’t talk about


Unconventional relationships. These relationships involve a person forming a deep emotional bond with an inanimate object, such as a car, a doll, or a carnival ride. Examples of these unusual relationships include Nathaniel’s relationship with his car, “Chase,” Davecat’s relationship with his doll, Sidore, and Linda’s relationship with her carnival ride, Bruce.

Guys I’ve known in the radio business get addicted to microphones. I’ve known some guys who have over fifty microphones.

Hey guys, microphones don't sound all that different.

Mel Gibson said he was addicted to everything. But not things like that. I think I know what he meant. The conventional addictions like drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sugar, caffeine. The underlying thought from my end, is that you always need a buzz. Is it that simple? With me it is. I love a buzz. A jump in my mood.

Why not maintain a good buzz throughout life? Every day?

Because you become dependent, and dependency takes you down a very dark path.

Duff McKagan told me that one day. Bassist for Guns-N-Roses. If you’re like that, meaning you always want a good buzz, you gotta be all or nothing, go all out and flirt not only with your life, but others, or do nothing to be safe.


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