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You'll love how Bob "the Blade" Robinson stuck it to the man. You'll learn how schizophrenia isn't all that bad. What is the greatest guitar solo in rock? Who is the real King of Rock n Roll? How can you live on 8k a year? You can't. But you can feed your head for that much. The new tell-all from a rock radio vet of 30 years. The first real read about the sheer lunacy of the rock business. There was no other business like it.


"It is a brutally honest look at a business that changes at light speed. He depicts the highs and lows with painful detail. Radio is a tough mistress--passionate, demanding and at times heartbreaking. This is a must read for anyone with stars in their eyes thinking about what an easy job being a broadcaster is."

-Lisa McKay-Curtis Media Raleigh NC

"Blade was my teacher for Into to Entertainment when I went to college. He gave us a lot of insight on what it was like to be in the music industry. And his book is, in my opinion, a autobiographical classic."

-Jonathan Snell Media Specialist Phoenix AZ

"Blade displays an equal mix of passion for the business, the music and the artists that once ruled radios airwaves; and, at no point does he gloss over the sex, drugs and alcohol we all know existed, but actually hear so little about."

-Chris Lester Manager, Client Systems Deployment and Support at SAS Institute Inc.

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