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About Blade

Bob “The Blade” Robinson is a legendary figure in the world of radio and media. He was a disc jockey on a few rock radio stations, but his notable station was WRDU 106, a rock radio station in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he held this position for an impressive 22 years. His impact on the rock music scene and his unique style made him a beloved personality among listeners.


Bob “The Blade” Robinson’s on-air resignation is a notable event in radio history. In November 2006, Blade resigned from WRDU in Raleigh, North Carolina, after the station’s format was changed from rock to country by Clear Channel Communications. During his final broadcast, he played “The Song Is Over” by The Who, symbolizing the end of his tenure at the station where he had been a presenter for 22 years. The song was cut off, and that marked the end of his show and his resignation.

This act of defiance and the dramatic exit resonated with many in the radio and music community, as it highlighted the changing landscape of radio broadcasting and the impact of corporate decisions on individual careers and station identities.



Blade now hosts the Blade Radio Show, which is his podcast. Here he shared the thrills and spills of his 32-year rock radio career. His show is filled with anecdotes, humor, and rock music trivia. He recounts stories from behind the mic, both beautiful and ugly, giving listeners a glimpse into the world of radio entertainment.

Moreover, the transition from market icon where everything is free, to his current "regular Joe".

Which life does he prefer? Here is where you find out.


Blade wrote a book titled “There’s Nothing Louder Than Dead Air: Stories from Thirty Years Behind the Mic”. In this memoir, he shares hilarious, bizarre, and downright unbelievable stories that happened offstage. From magazine subscriptions to encounters with rock stars, Blade’s book provides an entertaining look at his life in radio.

Enjoy Blade's Video Podcast Channel and his Radio Podcast Channel. His YouTube channel, Bob  The Blade, features videos related to rock music, interviews with musicians, and comedy bits. He discusses rock guitar intros, reinterprets classic songs in the globally popular Poetry Corner, and shares insights from his radio career all the way to being a LILF*. He's got a way with words, just as you'd expect.

Blade’s impact extends beyond radio. He remains a beloved figure among rock music enthusiasts, and his unique voice and style left an indelible mark on the airwaves.


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